Our trailer mounted, portable separator inventory consist of 30″ and 36″ three phase vessels (3″ or 4″ meter run) with 2,000# W.P. Every K&B separator is equipped with a by-pass to reduce production disruption. Measurements for gas can be taken via Barton Meter or Total Flow. Each separator is equipped with pressure relief safety valves.

Plug Valve Manifold

All manifolds are 15,000# W.P. Customers have their choice of 8 valve or 5 valve manifold. These manifolds can be operated with adjustable or positive chokes. Made for quick rig setups and easy transportation, each manifold is skid mounted and transported by monorail trailer.

Flow Line

K&B provides either 2″ or 3″ 15,000# W.P. lines for flowback operations. At a minimum, our iron is pressure tested and banded every six months to ensure reliability and durability. We also carry 2,000# W.P. and 5,000# W.P. downstream flow iron.

Hydraulic Chokes

Our hydraulic division stands ready for Composite Plug Drillouts, Displacements, Washouts and TCP’s. We are equipped with:

  • 2 1/16″ Cortex hydraulic choke
  • Dual inlet, skid mounted
  • 2 1/16″ manual conversion
  • 2″ positive choke sizes
  • 2″ and 3″ flow iron
  • Command center
  • All hydraulic equipment is 15,000# W.P. rated.

Sand Separators

K&B offers skid mounted 5,000# W.P. manual sand separators.

All of K&B’s equipment is properly tested, charted, and re-banded every 6 months.

Monorail Trailer

We utilize monorail trailers for equipment transport. These trailers allow for a safe, yet speedy offload of equipment thus maximizing financial gain for our customers.

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